About Us

Our Story

Electric Green was incorporated in 2022 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Enertechnos Holdings Limited. Its original objective was to leverage the technical properties and advantages of CTS Cable Technology (Capacitive Transfer System) and apply them to the spheres of Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WECV) and Wireless Power Transfer (WPT). The agreed standard frequency for WPT in EVs is 85kHz and CTS is uniquely good at distributing higher frequencies with minimal voltage reduction.

The company’s mission has now expanded, with the goal to be the most cost-effective WPT partner for OEMs, Fleets and Chargepoint Operators (CPOs) providing both Vehicle Assemblies (VA) and Ground Assemblies (GA). 

Electric Green is a full solution provider, with our vehicle and groundside elements supplemented by our management system for fleet operators (OCCP compliant) to efficiently run charging operations and to access the V2X flexibility market. In addition to using CTS, Electric Green has developed a range of innovative technology modules and software which combine to deliver a market-leading solution, all backed up by an extensive IP library. 

The company has recently won a competition with the Department for Energy, Security and Net Zero (via Innovate UK) to install a 1-to-Many, bi-directional demonstrator project with Royal Mail.


Martin Beaumont, CEO

Martin co-founded Electric Green in 2022 with a mission to accelerate the adoption of EVs through an improved consumer experience and a smoother fleet charging process, both of which are facilitated by wireless charging. His interests cover the investment, commercialisation and management of new innovations and technologies and his experience spans electric motors, telecoms (Motorola) and medical devices. Martin holds an MBA from Cranfield School of Management. Outside of work, Martin enjoys adventure sports (Atlantic Rower) and struggling to keep ahead of 4 boys.

Dorian Vargas-Reighley, CTO

Dorian is responsible for research & development and the technical roadmap for the wireless EV charging system, both ground and vehicle side. Prior to joining Electric Green, he was Head of Hardware at EO Charging and studied Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. Outside of work, Dorian enjoys renovating Kombi vans, climbing, and is a keen surfer - when time away from girl-dad duty allows.

Intellectual Property

As developers of highly innovative and unique WPT solutions, Electric Green has an active IP strategy and is building a considerable library of valuable and relevant patents and trademarks. Please contact us directly if you would like to know about this in more detail.


We are always interested to hear from individuals who share our passion for technology, innovation and decarbonisation. You will probably already be knowledgeable in our areas of expertise including technology development, fleet electrification and OEM innovation & sales. 

Please email us at HR@electricgreenev.com. 

Apologies in advance if we don’t get back to you straight away.