OEMs & Tier 1s

Electric Green is working with automotive partners to make the transition to wireless charging as smooth as possible. Wireless functionality should be complimentary to other vehicle systems and focused on eliminating component duplication, reducing additional weight, cost, space and cooling requirements. We are happy to help OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in some of the following areas:

Reserve Space in your Platform

Our customer focused approach to design and functionality means our Vehicle Assembly (OBC & CTS Coils) is easier to incorporate in new platforms, offering a cost-effective option for factory fitted wireless and plug-in charging.

Send us your RFI/RFQ

We are happy to evaluate your wireless requirements and to outline what makes our approach so unique. Please contact us to schedule a discussion.

Engineering Services

All successful projects start small and grow with positive results. We are happy to discuss any vehicle or infrastructure projects you have, from a vehicle/platform conversion to a full depot demonstrator.

Infrastructure & Property Developers

Successful property investment and management includes providing tenants with the right service at the most cost-effective price. Part of this involves providing the best EV charging infrastructure available for operators, but also being able to supply the power for those vehicles in a practical way. Our scalable and bi-directional charging infrastructure helps by:

Eliminating charging 'furniture' and obstructions, reducing breakages and facilitating easier installation.

Enabling reductions in battery sizes (and cost!) because vehicles and trailers can easily connect to the charging infrastructure and top-up while they wait - without the need to plug-in.

Reducing expensive grid connections and on-site running costs because all our infrastructure is bi-directional.

Fleet Operators

Electrifying your fleet can be challenging and expensive. Our solutions are designed to take the headache out of charging and enabling you to focus on the important things, such as running your everyday business operations. Wireless charging enables fleet operators to:

Improve staff safety by reducing unnecessary movement around vehicles in depots & carparks.

Reduce the costs of electrification by generating V2G/V2X revenue from your fleet while it's parked.

Reduce CapEx costs per space with our multi-pad, scalable design.

Reduce OpEx, as there are no moving parts or cables to damage

Improve service availability by 'opportunity' charging while you wait. Great for taxis ranks and ambulance queues, etc.